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Monday, December 26, 2005

Liberty Action News: The week in review Dec.19-25

A day late this week, just got back from a trip to visit relatives in North Carolina ... hope you all had a great Christmas!

In news of the weird ... the 'Little red Book' story that had us all aghast turned out to be ... a hoax? as the student recanted the entire story ... so, which was the lie? Hm.

And the beat goes on ... as Dubya and Gonzales and other administration flunkies 'vigorously'defend the indefensible warrantless domestic spying ... vow to continue doing it ... including spying on moms writing their sons in the military ... reporters and activists ... and at last even mainstream columnists are speaking the "I" word ....

Funniest question of the week ... Will Republican Senators save the republic? Well, they did put off the debate on Patriot Act ... for a month ... hoping, perhaps, we peasants might forget about it over the holidays?

In other stories we've been following, the Maye transcripts are now online thanks to 'The Agitator' ... read them for yourself and decide if 'justice was done'. In New York, the NYCLU files appeal on subway searches, and, in North Carolina: "Free Speech Zone" protesters arrested.

As the year winds down, I want to thank all of you who've donated a few bucks to keep LAND online, who've sent me stories, comments, and encouragement. This has been a very 'interesting' year, and next year looks to be even more 'interesting' ... putting together the weekly version of LAND really helps ME put things in perspective, and it helps a lot to know that all of y'all are still 'out there' ...

Til next week (and next year!)

For freedom (never say die)

Mary Lou

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

LAND: The week in review Dec.11-18
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

And what a week it was ..... civil liberty 'Groups urge 11th hour rally against Patriot Act renewal', stories surfaced about the 'FBI files on peaceful protesters', NBC Nightly News broke the story of gov't spying and 'blacklisting' anti-war activists throughout Americam after obtaining a 400-page Department of Defense document outlining the surveillance of peace groups', the Pentagon announced it was "reassessing" the data on suspicious activity (by Quakers, nuns, and other anti-war activists) and the US Senate finally 'got one right' and rebuffed the extension of the Patriot Act (by a close margin ... check out how your Senator voted.)

In other news, the death penalty remained at center stage as the Cory Maye story galloped across the left and right ends of the Net ... and sick Americans became the latest target of the state, as New York prepares to send doctors to 'visit' diabetics who aren't taking their meds and Alabama joins 20 states in tracking patients' use opf drugs through a central dbase.

Great commentaries this week, just in time for the holidays, Claire Wolfe's 'O little town of Hardyville' , Vin Supriowitz on 'Fans of a disarmed peasantry' and several articles on spychips (RFID) and 'How spy chips are reshaping privacy'.

In actions this week, Capital punishment alerts are available from
the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and let's all help with the Walter Bark Benefit Auction!

Til next week

For Freedom

Mary Lou

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

LAND: The week in review Dec.4-Dec.10
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

In China, police gun down protestors in a Chinese village, and a 'major protest' in Hong Kong. In the UK, anti-war protestors in 3 different cases stand trial. In America, Deb Davis' ID protest case (refusal to show ID to ride a bus) is dismissed on a technicality, Thousands mistakenly end up on terrorist watch list, Johh Gilmore's ID case (refusal to show ID to fly) appeal is heard in the 9th Circuit, a Land use battle rages in Florida (black working class folks being 'relocated' to make way for a waterfront yachting and residential complex for the rich, a NY District Court judge upholds the gov'ts right to randomly search subway riders'bags, protestors greet Cheney at Delay fundraiser, and Ed Masry, who with his legal assistant Erin Brokowich won a huge settlement against PCE&G for leaked carcinogens into the groundwater, dies at 73. Commentaries this week commemorating the 25th anniversary of JohnLennon's death ('Power to the People') as the Court battle over Lennon's FBI files rages on. Other don't miss commentaries: the story of Cory Maye, on death row in Mississippi for shooting a police officer ... who broke into his home in a 'mistaken identity' drug raid; 'Peace or war: The many faces of the anti-war movement' {Sartre); 'Suicide before dishonour in occupied Iraq'(Gary Leupp), the 'New York Post's all-out attack on the 2nd' (David Codrea), a Report from the ninth ward (New Orleans), an interview with Katherine Albrecht (Total surveillance),and Nat Hentoff on the Patriot Act and more!

Til next week

For freedom

Mary Lou

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The week in review Nov.28-Dec.4

The Mayor of Boston hits a new low as he vows to snatch the infamous smitchin' T-shirts from store shelves, thus violating 'at least 3 amendments to the Constitution' .... the 1,000th gov't sanctioned prison murder since 1977 brings protestors to North Carolina .... a student in Georgia is suspended for removing a spy cam from the restroom .... property owners in Michigan defy the gov't 'Master Plan' and refuse to sell their land .... Anti-abortionists argue extortion, racketeering case ....the ACLU challenges videotaping of demonstrators at the 2004 RNC .... Patients, health experts testify for medical marijuana bill in Michigan .... Deborah Davis, who refused to show ID on a public bus, 'overwhelmed' by support and more! Commentaries include 'Rocking the bus' (Jacob Sullum), Fred Reed on 'Soldiers and reporters', Bill Quigley on 'Haiti's political prisoners' and the question of the week 'What happened to those Bush/Cheney bumperstickers?'

This week's actions include a petition to free the peace activists in Iraq and a protest of the 1,000th execution in the US.

Til next week

For freedom!

Mary Lou

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