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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The week in review Nov.28-Dec.4

The Mayor of Boston hits a new low as he vows to snatch the infamous smitchin' T-shirts from store shelves, thus violating 'at least 3 amendments to the Constitution' .... the 1,000th gov't sanctioned prison murder since 1977 brings protestors to North Carolina .... a student in Georgia is suspended for removing a spy cam from the restroom .... property owners in Michigan defy the gov't 'Master Plan' and refuse to sell their land .... Anti-abortionists argue extortion, racketeering case ....the ACLU challenges videotaping of demonstrators at the 2004 RNC .... Patients, health experts testify for medical marijuana bill in Michigan .... Deborah Davis, who refused to show ID on a public bus, 'overwhelmed' by support and more! Commentaries include 'Rocking the bus' (Jacob Sullum), Fred Reed on 'Soldiers and reporters', Bill Quigley on 'Haiti's political prisoners' and the question of the week 'What happened to those Bush/Cheney bumperstickers?'

This week's actions include a petition to free the peace activists in Iraq and a protest of the 1,000th execution in the US.

Til next week

For freedom!

Mary Lou

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