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Sunday, July 30, 2006

LAND: The week in review July 23-July 29
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

In police state news here in the US, Intelligence chiefs urge easing of spy rules, innocent people are placed on watch list to meet quota and the 'lickspittle, lock-step' U.S. Congress' scurries to 'not only confirm Bush's unrestrained, unconstitutional one-man rule -- it would augment it'and the ' Writing's on the wall for graffiti guerrilla' ... while Ghazi Walid Falah, a professional geographer who holds dual Arab-Israeli and Canadian citizenship and is a University Lecturer at the University of Akron in Ohio has been detained in Israel ... for taking pictures.

On the bright side, anti war activist Cindy Sheehan buys land in Crawford for a permanent 'Camp Casey', a Court victory (in the UK) for families of soldiers killed in Iraq, and a "Not guilty" verdict in the Irish ploughshares case, Mexico is 'dealing with rash of protests', freeway bloggers continue their outreach efforts nationwide, and an Iranian dissident snubs Bush on visit to the US.

Commentaries this week on the disintegrating situation in the MidEast, the 'The shape of things to come', and an especially poignant piece from a Vietnam Vet 'Whatever you did in war will always be with you'.

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