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Sunday, August 13, 2006

LAND: The week in review August 6- August 12
Liberty Action News Digest

In police state news this week, in the USA, Connecticut Teen's worm sales squished by gov't thugs, Arrest of 'zombies' in Minnesota sparks criticism, spy cameras in South Dakota, and a federal judge rules that it'sOK to ban protests of prez, while in the UK, Reid says 'Civil liberties "made for another age'. On the bright side, protestors in Mexico continue their actions, including taking over tollbooths, as the gov't Court orders partial recount of the vote in the hotly contested prez election.

Commentaries this week include timely advice on 'How to talk to your Jewish friends about Israel', the awakening of the Muslim 'resistance' as Anti-war protests erupt across Muslim world, Claire Wolfe on "You aren't doing enough", a call to boycott Istrael and Resurrect the Peace Ship!, also articles on Eminent domain and other corporate welfare, a review of 'Sir, No Sir' (The story of the GI anti-war movement) and a tribute to the 'raging granny' and more!

Actions this week include 'Stop Congress from defying the Supreme Court' and an interesting new project from Nicholas at the Free Identity Theft Protection website (via Strike the Root).

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