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Saturday, August 05, 2006

LAND: The week in review July 30-August 5
Liberty Action News Digest

In police state news this week, the white House, wary of possible war crimes charges,is drafting legislation to protect U.S. personnel from certain war crimes prosecutions. and, wants to 'formalize the police state' by expandomg the reach and authority of special military 'courts' (take action on the military courts issue: Stop Congress from defying the Supreme Court ) .... while in Pennbsylvania, a man is arrested for photographing cops and a California Journalist jailed over protest footage. Meanwhile, from abroad, Paris bans thong bikinis, nudity at 'Paris Beaches' event. On the bright side, in the UK, veteran Peace activist is elected to Labour NEC committee and appeal judges attack 'control orders' (translation: house arrest) for terrorist suspects, while in the US Las Vegas is sued over its idiotic homeless feeding law. Down in Mexico, civil resistance to the recent election continues, paralyzing Mexico City.

This week, We mourn the passing of social theorist and activist Murray Bookchin, who 'forged a new anti-authoritarian outlook rooted in ecology, dialectical philosophy and left libertarianism' .... and cheer the site launch of Movement of the Libertarian Left.

Commentaries this week from Cindy Sheehan on the new Camp Casey, Radly Balko on police reform, Wendy McElroy on dancer Michael Flatley's lawsuit for defamation, David Swanson on 'The shame of not being Mexican' ... and don't miss Claire Wolfe on Sustainable freedom: Paradigms and my favorite find this week, 'The urban homestead' from Path to Freedom.

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