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Monday, May 29, 2006

LAND: The week in review May 21-27
Liberty Action News Digest

Aaron Russo's new film 'Freedom to Fascism' gets an ovation in Cannes, military funeral protestor ban heads to Bush's desk ('Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act') with truly draconian penalties .... in the UK, the police 'overreact' and rough up anti-war protestors ... and steal their banners and placards. The FCC announces it won't protect Americans from NSA spies, Verizon refuses to come clean and in SC, students protest a ban on wearing 'Confederate clothing', while the ACLU starts a nationwide campaign against phone snooping (you see, we need to TELL our congresscritters we don't like being spied on ... the third of us who still have some distaste for the state knowing our every move, that is) ...

Commentaries this week on the immigration 'debate' (which is 'going to get very ugly, very fast' if history is a guide), smoking bans, the Iran badge story (which turned out to be just more neo-con propeganda to drum up support for the 'new war' in Iran), a worker owned garment factory, more thoughts on the Da Vinci code (and the protestors who are following the dictates of 'Mother Church', be it Catholic or Fundamentalist) and just in time for the election season, Conscientious Non-Voting 2006: Liberation from within.

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Mary Lou

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