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Sunday, July 02, 2006

LAND: The week in review June 26-July 1
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

In police state news this week .... California Governor's office tracking political, anti-war groups, Net neutrality amendment dies, House continues war on patients and shoots down states rights, voting to continue to allow federal prosecution of those who smoke marijuana for medical purposes in states with laws that permit it, Homeland Security harasses the Rainbow Family, and in the UK, Big Brother keeps an eye on kids (if one child can be saved ...)On the bright side, the Senate rejects flag desecration amendment, Protest letters against gun meeting swamp UN and Military resistance against the Iraq War increases (help the resistance grow at the National GI Resistance Alert Network), while in anti-war news the Granny Brigade plans to march on DC on July 4, and anti-war activists plan a hunger strike to end the occupation of Iraq.

Commentaries this week on the idiotic flag desecration amendment, the American version of censorship, the death penalty, nuclear ironies, The occupation of Iraqi hearts and minds and more! Don't miss Wendy McElroy's 'Fathers' Rights movement must condemn Darren Mack' and just in time for your Independence Day celebration, Claire Wolfe on 'The quality of a free man' and a great site for freedom lovers, 'Liberty Quotes' (featuring an email with the 'quote of the day'.)

Happy Fourth, y'all!

Til next week

For freedom

Mary Lou

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