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Sunday, June 04, 2006

LAND: The week in review May 27-June 3
Liberty Action News Digest

In police state news this week, from abroad, the UK govgoons 'silence the peace protestor of Parliament Square', Moscow flaunts its homophobic policy, and China marks Tiananmen Square anniversary by attacking protestors, while here in the US Bush signs ban on speech, assembly (goodbye, First Amendment), the SCOTUS sides with the gov't in shielding corrupt from whistleblowers, the ISP snopping proposal invokes terrorism [you'd rather be safe than free, right citizens?] and tests to chip kids (for their safety of course) are taking place in Arizona.

In other news, Gitmo hunger strikers have increased to 75 ... in one tiny bright new note, the 'war tax' on your phone bill is at long last repealed (Of course, this decision has nothing whatsoever to do with the war tax resistance movement). in other good news, Aaron Russo's new film gets a standing ovation at Cannes.

Commentaries this week on 'smoke-easies' in Canada, the 'blacklash' against the Dixie Chicks, the lack of young people in the anti-war movement, The Haditha Massacre and Memorial Day 2006 ....and don't miss Claire Wolfe on 'Tiny temptations to tyranny' and Vin Suprynowicz on drug freedom.

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