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Sunday, December 11, 2005

LAND: The week in review Dec.4-Dec.10
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

In China, police gun down protestors in a Chinese village, and a 'major protest' in Hong Kong. In the UK, anti-war protestors in 3 different cases stand trial. In America, Deb Davis' ID protest case (refusal to show ID to ride a bus) is dismissed on a technicality, Thousands mistakenly end up on terrorist watch list, Johh Gilmore's ID case (refusal to show ID to fly) appeal is heard in the 9th Circuit, a Land use battle rages in Florida (black working class folks being 'relocated' to make way for a waterfront yachting and residential complex for the rich, a NY District Court judge upholds the gov'ts right to randomly search subway riders'bags, protestors greet Cheney at Delay fundraiser, and Ed Masry, who with his legal assistant Erin Brokowich won a huge settlement against PCE&G for leaked carcinogens into the groundwater, dies at 73. Commentaries this week commemorating the 25th anniversary of JohnLennon's death ('Power to the People') as the Court battle over Lennon's FBI files rages on. Other don't miss commentaries: the story of Cory Maye, on death row in Mississippi for shooting a police officer ... who broke into his home in a 'mistaken identity' drug raid; 'Peace or war: The many faces of the anti-war movement' {Sartre); 'Suicide before dishonour in occupied Iraq'(Gary Leupp), the 'New York Post's all-out attack on the 2nd' (David Codrea), a Report from the ninth ward (New Orleans), an interview with Katherine Albrecht (Total surveillance),and Nat Hentoff on the Patriot Act and more!

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