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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The week in review June 4-June 10
Liberty Activist News Digest

In police state news this week, as the steady dismantling of our repulic continues, the gov't admits that "Emergency centers" could be used for "immigration" roundups [just don't call 'em concentration camps'] the House passes telecom bill, but leaves out 'net beutrality'.... High hopes for drone in LA skies [not for surveillance of honest citizens, of course, only for 'emergenices] .... the VA stolen data scandal gets larger and larger ... Appeals court backs Bush on wiretaps .... Army manual to skip Geneva detainee rule .... and privacy experts call Medical privacy law "essentially meaningless" .... while on the 'bright side', the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse to serve in Iraq stands up publicly and receives wide spread support. In news from abroad, in Zimbawe the army takes over black owned farms [you must grow maize, citizen-serf, the state needs maize], while in the UK police 'apologize' for last week's terror raid ... and release the two men they arrested, while in Russia, protestors hold free press rallies and US troops hunker down through protests.

In commentaries this week, several on the Haditha massacre, net neutrality, the Iraq occupation, the raid on Rep. Jefferson, gagging public employees, and civil disobedience. Don't miss Nat Hentoff on 'Closing our courts' Claire Wolfe on 'The paranoids are usually right' and Chris Floyd on 'The guilt of elitest cowards'.

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