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Sunday, February 12, 2006

LAND: The week in review Feb.06-Feb.12
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In good news this week, a 93-year-old tenant wins eminent domain case, Privacy concerns may delay two air security programs, a Lawsuit challenges "e-annoyance" law. In bad news this week, in the US, NC Protesters say police invading privacy, Educators face blowback for protesting Iraq war in schools, a VA Nurse's letter prompts sedition probe, and US plans massive data sweep and Google copies your HD; from abroad, in China: Man "jailed due to Yahoo", from Cuba: Internet hunger striker hospitalized, from Zimbabwe: Press crackdown intensifies. In to be expected but still awful news this week, pols compromise on Friday and it looks like the Patriot Act will be extended, but Sen. Feingold hasn't given up yet ...

Deaths this week, Betty Friedan, 1921-2006 (don't miss Wendy McElroy's 'A different look at Betty Friedan').

In anniversaries this week, the 10 year anniversary of the overturning of the Communications decency Act (They saved the Internet's soul), and, the 38th anniversary of the Orangeburg (SC) Massacre (Orangeburg pain continues). In ongoing atrocities, the fight to save Steve Jubby continues ('The crimes of pot justice' 'Who will murder Steve Kubby?).

And don't miss excellent commentaries on 'Googleocracy' (L. Neil Smith), unions ('Paradign Shift'), domestic spying {'On domestic spying, we the people are to blame') and the war {'It's your war -- you go fight it!' and 'Numbers') and, some wonderful 'Patriotic Posters' from the folks at!

Two new actions this week, a Petition to free Cory Maye, and David Codrea launches the 'The Million Moon March'.

Til next week

For Freedom

Mary Lou

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