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Sunday, January 29, 2006

LAND: The week in review Jan.23-29
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

LOTS of news this week ... bad and good ... from the dark side, 'Drug thugs kidnap Kubby on plane to avoid protesters' (Yes, Steve Kubby has returned to the US after exhausting all Canadian appeals to face a 120-day jail sentence for a [false] drug conviction in 2000 ... and the incarceration may kill him without access to medical marijuana.) The Kubby saga is the top story on the blogosphere right now ... to check for updates, go to and type Steve Kubby into the search engine. Hopefully, if enough attention is brought, Kubby will be allowed his medication. Also from the dark side, John Gilmore loses his appeal in Federal Court (he refused to show identification or undergo an especially rigorous search before boarding an airplane), Peter Demott (one of the St. Pat's Day Four) is sentenced in Federal court to 4 months in federal prison and 4 months in community confinement for the anti-war protest in 2003, China tightens restrictions on journalists' freedom of expression and Google caves in to the Chinese gov't, in the UK, Police stop, search 100 people a day, in Iran, blogger Ahmad Reza Shiri is found guilty again guilty of calling for a boycott of the elections in his blog 'Iran Azad' (Free Iran) and sentenced this time to three years behind bars, in South Korea: Crackdown on "malicious Internet posts" and in Philadelphia, a court orders Website to identify commenters.

But there was some GOOD news this week too ... Turkey drops charges against novelist Orhan Pamuk after an international outcry, the GA ACLU exposes Pentagon spy ring and the Feds to pay ACLU $200,000 in attorney fees to settle no-fly list dispute , Wisconsin towns put war on to referendum and a Chinese editor vows to fight censors.

Commentaries this week on the Steve Kubby saga ['Letter to a DA','You can kill a person; martyrs never die' and 'He doesn't have to die'], Bush's domestic spying ['They know they broke the law', 'Domestic spying, now and then', 'Looking over your shoulder','General reveals shaky grip on 4th Amendment', 'Stalking's just for government now'] the Patrio Act ['The Patriot police'], the Alito nomination ['Alito filibuster:It only takes one '] and more!

Two new actions this week, Protect your right to bio-identical hormone treatment by commenting to the FDA and Arms against War urges us to wear a white armband to protest the war in Iraq.

Til next week

For Freedom

Mary Lou

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