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Sunday, February 05, 2006

LAND: The week in review Jan.30- Feb.05
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

We mourn the passing of two quite different activists this week ... Coretta Scott King [1927-2006] and Stew Albert [1939-2006] at last.

In other news, NH residents reject the 'Lost Liberty Hotel', anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is arrested at Bush's State of the Union address ... for the terrible crime of wearing a T-shirt with an unpopular message, a brave 'loony liberal librarian' faces down the FBI and refuses to let them seize computers without a warrant, peace activists in Ohio stage a'spy-in', EFF sues AT&T over NSA eavesdropping, protests in the UK over 'hate crime' legislation, support grows in the blogosphere and meatspace for medical marijuana activist Steve Kubby, a clever duo comes up with a RFID 'zapper'and more!

In commentaries this week, don't miss Kathryn Graham's 'The time is approaching', Claire Wolfe's 'The politician's rulebook' and Wendy McElroy's 'Question medical authirity'... also great commentaries on Steve Kubby and the evil drug war, domestic spying, the Dems Alito 'debacle' and the REAL ID Act.

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