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Monday, January 16, 2006

The week in review Jan.9-16

Plenty of news this week as the police state begins to kick in to high gear ... on privacy and the domestic spy scandal,as pols from both boots of the BOYN Party try to convince us that spying on Aunt Minne is necessary for the nations security, and the foxes prepare to investiogate the henhouse; on the National ID and the states realizing it'll cost 'em a cow and a calf, from the UK enforcement plans emerge for their NID and a lesson from the past, as law students in Montana seek pardons for WWI seditionists [yes, WWI, back in the 'good old days' which some look back on as a Shangri-la of constitutional freedoms ...]

In other news, a jailed "no-fly" victim hires legal team and several columnists announce they are on the 'no fly list'[for no apparent reason], RSF kicks off its online freedom campaign and Students for Sensible Drug Policy announce 'The Drug Czar's coming to a town near you'. Commentaries on the Alito hearings and the 'death knell for individual rights' and 'expanding presidential powers', the plight of Cory Maye, the new bankruptcy laws ['Real terrorists rape consumers'], 'Advice from an old man' on the possiblities of a reinstated draft, a sad farewell to the hero of My Lai, Hugh Thompson, an excellent poiece from L. Neil Smith 'Fool me twice' on trusting NEITHER boot of the BOYN, a call for solidarity in the antiwar movement, as the "I" word [impeachment] begins to filter into even the mainstream press.

Interesting times, indeed.

Til next week

For Freedom

Mary Lou

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