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Sunday, January 22, 2006

LAND: The week in review Jan.17-22
Liberty Action News Digest

Activists in NH 'seek to evict Souter, while gov't flunkies complain 'Most people here see this as an act of revenge and an improper attack on the judicial system," [State Rep] Kurk said. "You don't go after a judge personally because you disagree with his judgments." (Oh really? Why not?) On the NID front, DHS speculates on using 'biometric data' in 'Border crossing cards', but Chertoff assures us 'I don't think it's a national ID card.' (Oh really? What the heck is it, then?) Meanwhile, on the domestic security front, the misnamed DoJ assures us that illegal spying is really legal, while the conservative-liberal coalition 'Patriots to restore Checks and Balances' urges an independent investigation of the Bush spy plan, and even the pro-war Brit writer Christopher Hutchins joins as a plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking a ban on a domestic spy program. Hmm, interesting times make for interesting bedfellows ...

Lots more news this week ... an alleged plot by 'extremist memenbers of Fathers4Justice' to kidnap Tony Blair's son, the SCOTUS refuses to hear a "free speech zone" appeal, kids can't 'opt out' of the Pentagon dbase (even if their parents ask the Pentagon to remove their names... another reason, if one were needed, to keep your kids OUT of publik schools).

In sad news this week, 'Bark" of The Claire Files Forum and the Mental Militia left this world on Jan. 20 ... but 'frienship remains' ... and Loompanics announced it is closing its doors next month, after 30 years of providing 'underground' books to the freedom community. Both will be sorely missed.

Don't miss this week's batch of commentaries ... Knute Berger on 'Real IDocy', Wendy McElroy on the new cyberstalking law, William Rivers Pitt on 'The new fascism', Joan Wile on 'Why Grandma went to jail ' and much more!

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