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Monday, January 02, 2006

LAND: The week in review Dec.26-Jan.1
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

Ah, the final week of 2005 .... From the dark side, the UK gov't announces you can now be arrested for ANY crime, a Kansas man is fined for anti-war sighs in his own yard ... but in the UK and in Austria, hackers and activists fight back against gov't 'spy cams, in the UK Thousands turn out to defy hunting ban, in Guantanamo hunger strike numbers surge, in Maine a parade permit law is struck down, throughtout the US SLAPP law suit victims fight back ... with counter SLAPPs, and war tax protest spreads as just plain old folks join in the 'low key rebellion' of not paying the 'war tax' on their phone bills. A sad note, labor organizer Clinton Jencks, who'led mineworkers in New Mexico in a strike depicted in the classic movie 'Salt of the Earth', died this week at 87.

During this usually quiet week between Christmas and New Year's, columnists were unusually active, spurred by the domestic spying scandal to get in their licks against 'Big Brother Bush' before well, who knows WHAT might be the next strike against our freedom. As many of us have been pointing out since 9-11, the mainstream is finally beginning to catch on that 'Police state powers are our biggest threat' and folks ARE waking up ['Waking up to a Bill of Rights culture', 'Going too far']. And the mainstream media was filled with editorials such as 'Protect life and liberty ' [Philadelphia Inquirer], 'Police state powers are our biggest threat ' [New York Observer], 'A shocking contempt for the law ' [New York Daily News],'Big Brother is watching' [Oakland Trubune]

But guess what ... it's up to us, the folks who caught on early to what was really 'going down' ... to keep up the pressure, to keep talking about the Bill of Rights culture, to validate and encourage the urges towards freedom in our newly awakened friends ...

The coolest action this week: proposed by a mainstream newspaper, the Oakland Tribune ('Big Brother is watching') ... to collect 537 copies of George Orwell's '1984' and send them to each member of Congress ... has been picked up by libertarians and is being promoted as the 'Stop Big Brother Project'. And encourage everyone you know to 'Demand Congress investigate illegal wiretapping' ... at this point, the administration is only interested in investigating who leaked the story to the NY Times.

If 2005 was the year of the awakening ... what will 2006 bring?

Til next week

For freedom!!

Mary Lou

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