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Sunday, January 08, 2006

LAND: The week in review Jan.2-8
Source: Liberty Activist News

From the dark side, the US plans Afghan jail for terror suspects, and shuts down soldiers blogs, gov't web sites are tracking visitors (in violation of the gov't rules) and the Wyoming Supreme Court upholds random searches; a jailed Turkish Cyber-dissident's hunger strike enters second week as the Turkish gov't speech suppression moves from writers to barkeeps and Microsoft kowtows to Chinese censors. On the bright side, the Kelo battle goes on, despite ruling, groups prepare to fight the Alito nomination, civil libertarians go to court over wiretap rule for Internet calls and an anti-war activist draws a cheering crowd in Hawaii. Excellent commentaries contunue to roll in on the Bush attack on the Constitution (Presidential snooping damages the nation, Too high a price to pay for security) ... we aren't yet seeing 'The quiet death of freedom' .....

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