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Saturday, April 01, 2006

LAND: The week in review March 26-April 1
Liberty Action News Digest

This week's digest is a day early, as I have a relative in hospital out of state and wanted to get this out before I left.

The week's top activism story in the US continues to be the explosion of the immigration issue, as 'the sleeping giant awakens' ... the largest street protests since the Vietnam War era, students walking out of school in solidarity with the protests. Our 'fearless leaders' in Congress dropped the draconian measures to arrest anyone HELPING 'illegals', but continue to 'debate' whether to imprison 'illegals', deport them, or let them stay as 'guest workers' (if they'll learn English and only take jobs 'Americans' don't want, and build a giant wall to 'keep 'em out'. Me, I'm for open borders and free trade. Anything less is not only 'un-American', it's economically stupid.

In France, student protests continue and public transport workers and teachers staged a one-day national strike to try to force Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin to abandon a new youth job law; Syria re-arrests a dissident writer, smokers vow to ignore the new smoking ban in Scotland,Iran cracks down on bloggers, the Ukraine turns its back on the orange revolution, and US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice arrives in the UK to a reception 'as cool as the weather'.

In police state news here in the US, the tiny town of Dillingham, Alaska has '80 Eyes on 2,400 People', Medical marijuana is back in court (Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit), Kansas pioneers fingerprinting motorists who are stopped by the police and the Supreme Court hears the Hamdan case (which will test the scope of presidential power in the war on terror.)

In good news, the FEC limits censorship of Net political talk. And in Louisiana, doctors protest the closing of Charity Hospital.

In commentaries, more reviews of V for Vendetta, from Claire Wolfe, Lady Liberty and Thomas Creasing; several commentaries on the immigration issue, eminent domain, the war in Iraq.

And if you haven't already, 'make your bid' for 'the one and only working manuscript' of L.Neil Smith's new novel, Ceres, (bidding closes April 18) . Proceeds benefit The Libertarian Enterprise.

Til next week

For Freedom!

Mary Lou

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