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Sunday, February 26, 2006

LAND: The week in review Feb.20-25
Liberty Activist News Digest

In good news this week, Doctors in California delay a state sponsored murder by walking out, as lethal injection as a method of execution appears to be on shaky ground ... in Georgia, A federal appeals court has ruled that Georgia's obscenity law unconstitutionally limits the free-speech rights of businesses to advertise, and the US Supreme Court rules for church, against drug thugs. In bad news, SD Senate passes an abortion ban, a city in NM City considers stealing property for ditch, and an Indiana Court rules warrantless seizure OK and Homeland Security hassles owner of truck for his bumperstickers.

In really scary news this week, don't miss 'Bush's mysterious new programs and Wendy McElroy's blog entry 'Of 5th Columns and Detention Centers ', Jarrett Wollstein's '80,000+ now on "no-fly" lists'. Also commentaries on the political scene, L. Neil Smith's 'Time for a BOYNout' and Paul Craig Roberts 'From conservatives to brownshirts', and commentaries on the Austrian court which sentenced 'crackpot British historian David Irving to three years' imprisonment for having denied the Holocaust 17 years ago', and thus endorsed tyranny by repressing free speech.

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