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Sunday, March 26, 2006

LAND: The week in review March 19-25
Liberty Action News Digest

Biggest activism news this week, thousands protest the Sensenbrenner anti-immigration bill in cities across America, and in Georgia also protest a state anti-immigrant bill with an economic boycott on Friday's 'Day of Dignity'. (For those who don't understand the significance of the draconian Sensenbrenner bill, see the commentary 'Brown skin, yellow star'.) A Monday anti war protest (followup to the mass protests on the weekend) results in arrest of 51 protestors, while civil liberties groups allege that FBI, police spying is rising, the Gestapo tactics of the NYPD in "calming protests" in 2002 is revealed, a NJ Libertarian defeats city document fee in appelate court while another appelate court hands down an awful decision that Fliers "implicitly consent" to be searched. In the UK, peers hand the gopv't yet another defeat on the national ID card, and vow to continue resistance.

Deaths this week, the untimely passing of Dr Chris R Tame, founder and President of the Libertarian Alliance. RIP, Chris.

Commentaries this week on the anti-immigration protests, the Iraq war, the anti-war movement, war tax resistors, and The “My Lai phase” of the Iraq war, free speech and the press, the admission of gov't thugs in TBE that they did indeed seize citizens' guns during Katrina, and several reviews of 'V for Vendetta'. In actions this week, get ready, aim, fire and join the 2nd annual TCF Combat Rifle Postal Match; a new and cool anti-war ribbon-magnet 'Question War', a protest idea to 'Call in sick on Flag Day', and a great new service (you can share this one with your non activist friends) to 'get humans' back into phone service and customer support. And don't miss the updated version of the downloadable 'Patriot Act game', which now includes updates on GITMO, NSA wiretaps, and the renewal of the Patriot Act.

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