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Sunday, March 19, 2006

LAND: The week in review March 12-18
Liberty Action News Digest

Biggest activism news this week, the worldwide protests 'commemorating' the 3rd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq ... the war that should never have negun, the war that has dragged on for 3 years, with scores of soldiers and civilians dead, Iraq in shambles and in civil war (oh come on, is there anyone with a brain that believes that the ongoing violence and carnage isn't 'civil war'?)

In unsurprising but still depressing news this week, cowardly Democrats on Capitol Hill try to ignore Feingold's resolution to censure Herr Bush. (Oh come on, is there anyone with a brain that will vote for ANY of these cowardly slimeballs next time? Unfortunately, the answer is 'probably yes', the electorate will probably just shuffle to the polls in 06 and vote for 'the lesser evil'.) However, if you're still a voter and would like to TRY to make 'peace and non-intervention' an issue this time, sign the 'Peace Pledge' from Viters For Peace. Can't hurt, eh?

In deaths this week, the passing of Anne Braden, the 'subversive southerner' who spent her life fighting against racism and injustice. (And was a pretty cool lady to boot, though I disagreed with her on economic theory.)

Eminent domain in the news, from Ohio, where an elderly woman is fighting to save her home of 47 years.

In police state news, the Pentagon admits 'errors' spying on protestors, the ACLU lawsuit bnrings out more info about FBI spying on peace groups who were ... oh the horror ... handing out anti-war leaflets!!... and
the NYPD's tactics in arresting demonstrators who were described as 'obviously potential rioters.' in order to chill protest in 2002 are revealed (through another lawsuit) Note ... say what you will about the ACLU, they do an excellent job filing lawsuits on First and Fourth Amendment cases. In commentaries, don't miss Kurt Nimmo's 'Booking First & Fourth Amendment Fifth Columnists' and Clancy Sigal's 'Halliburton gets concentration camp contract'. Having trouble sleeping at night yet, waiting for the knock on the door?

Several good actions this week: The Peace pledge (mentioned above), the Black Shamrock campaign from Ireland, and for all you church going gunnies, Stop the Church Gun Grabbers! And a great 'pep talk' on individual activism from Helen and Harry Highwater at Unknown News!

Til next week

For Freedom

Mary Lou

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