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Sunday, November 06, 2005

LAND: The week in review Oct.31-Nov.6

In anti war activity this week, Military recruiters under attack from parents, a student walk out organized in Seattle, in the UK Angry families threaten remembrance service boycott, 2,000 Antiwar protesters march on Boston Common

In other news, the Chinese govgoons shut down pro-democracy writer Wang Yi’s blog 'days after it was nominated for the 'freedom of expression' category in a blog contest'; Sister Lil Mattingly, the nun jailed for six months for her protest last year has 'no regrets'; Anti-Bush protests mark re-election anniversary, and Cuba's "Ladies in White" win the 2005 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, Europe's top human rights prize.

Two important federal court cases to be heard: in New York, the District Court will hear the challenge to subway searches on monday and the US Supreme Court heard opening arguments in a case reviewing whether the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects a religious group from prosecution under the Controlled Substances Act for using a hallucinogenic plant as part of its spiritual practice.(yes, this is similar to the peyote case, in which an exception was granted for the use of peyote in Native American rituals)

Commentaries this week on the true cost of war, 'Why most Americans don't care about Gitmo', exhortations to Kent State to "Wise up! Back off!' and remembrances of the 'real Rosa Parks' ... in actions, Stop the MPAA and RIAA's Horror Triple Bill! and 'Kent State: Hands Off Dave!" ( Call and e-mail the Kent State University administration and let them know how you feel about the unjust treatment of Dave Airhart for his anti-war and anti-military recruitment protests.)

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