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Sunday, November 13, 2005

LAND: The week in review Nov.7-12,2005
Source: Liberty Action News Digest

Abroad: Protests in the UK over a visit from the Chinese president, the riots in France begin to ebb as citizens take action to guard their own neighborhoods, activists in Singapore plead for the life of a man arrested for heroin, a parents' rights group in the UK is accused of a plot to blackout TV, and anti-US protests in the Phillipines over the rape of a Filipna maid ... here in the US, a judge 'tosses a blanket on a topless protest by 'Breasts not Bombs', voters in Washington approve a smoking ban, and a Colorado soldier founds an anti-war group.

Commentaries this week ... on 'the moral legacy of Rosa Parks' ( Anthony B. Bradley), warrantless searches (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette), Armistice Day (Almost like a day for peace) the fight for the worldwide 'control of the Net', and for the paranoid among us ... we were right! The White House not only has an 'enemies list' it has dossiers on over 10,000 Americans ... and, don't miss Per Bylund's 'An uncivilized argument for anarchy', Rep. Ron Paul's speech introducing the Health Freedom Protection Act and L.Neil Smith's 'There is no Joe Sixpack'.

Two actions of note: the Revolutionary War Veterans Association' Project Appleseed : Planting the Spirit of the American Rifleman and Downsize DC's call to 'end federal flood insurance'.

Til next week

For Freedom!

Mary Lou

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