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Sunday, October 30, 2005

LAND: The week in review Oct.23-30

Top story this week, the passing of inadvertent activist extraordinaire, Rosa Parks, who changed America forever by her one simple act of defiance ... rest in peace, Ms. Parks.

In other news, the "Grim milestone' of 2,000 dead American soldiers in Iraq ... marked by protests and vigils nationwide. Cindy Sheehan exhorts us all to follow the example of ' the great libertarian Henry David Thoreau' and practice non-violent civil disobedience. Other anti-war activists promote the ' Leave My Child Alone campaign', a family privacy project to protect students from illegal military recruiting.

David MacGregor discusses the use of the Net as a tool to regain our freedom ('How to defeat Big Brother and reclaim your freedom'), while a Catholic school in New Jersey bans student blogs , activists in Asia complain 'Blogging in Asia: Ain't safe no more' , the Daily News in India points out ' Your phone is tapped, your email is hacked', Chris Berg points out 'The Net is anarchy: Keep it that way ' and Hiawatha Bray tells us 'Privacy worries? Don't print in color" ...

And finally ... for those who can't 'get into' the political maneuverings and exposures of 'PlameGate', you're not alone ... Claire Wolfe explains 'Why we sometimes have nothing to say' ....

Til next week

For freedom!

Mary Lou

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