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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The week in review October 2-October 8

Four new actions this week ... Stop the 'new draconian drug war bill' (the Meth Epidemic Elimination Act); stop the RIAA from 'locking up the airwaves', Request Your Secure Flight Files and help EFF uncover how TSA will treat your private information when Secure Flight is fully implemented, and Petition George Mason University to Drop charges against Tariq Khan, the student anti-war activist who was arrested and roughed up by pro-war students AND security on September 29. For more on the latter action, see the article 'Jackboots at George Mason' and the GMU Students for Peace website ... Also, check out the 'Motho Movement' in South Africa!

In news this week ... the anti-war movement continues to hold rallies around the country, a suit is filed in Georgia over the Voter ID Act, Berlarus' last independent newspaper is pressured into closing by the state, a Nigerian militia leader and protestor is charged with treason, thousand join in a protest in Brazil against a river diversion project, and a woman is booted from an airline because of ... the slogan on her T-shirt. On the bright side, a reasonably intelligent judge in New York throws out a resisting arrest charge against the 'Redbud Eight'.

A slew of commentaries this week ... on the anti-war movement, the arrest of anti-war activist Michael Parkin in Australia, the Feds investigation of the environmental movement, the Feral laws about psych screening of school kids, for poltical junkies, commentaries on how the time is 'ripe' for a challenge to the BOYN, and book reviews of Claire Wolfe's latest ('How to Kill the Job Culture Before It Kills You ') and Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntire's Spychips ... plus two more 'Serenity' reviews! And for those who think Waco was an aberration ... think again ... check out 'Waco reprise' for this week's police state horror story.

Til next week

For freedom!

Mary Lou

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