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Sunday, October 16, 2005

The week in review: Oct.9-16

In the news this week, the ACLU joins with business groups to protect attorney client privilege, 'one of the bedrock principles of our legal system' ... Vivian Malone Jones ' one of two black students whose effort to enroll at the University of Alabama led to George Wallace's infamous 'stand in the schoolhouse door' in 1963' dies at age 63, protests in Colorado over Mayor's refusal to endorse 'free mental health counseling for vets' (the Mayor says the mental health counselors are backed by 'anti-American anti-military' groups), FEMA backs down on its gun ban in FEMA city under 'pressure' from gun rights groups, and, hitting a new low, the drug thugs haul an ailing US vet from Canada to the US to face charges concerning his use of medical marijuana.

Excellent commentaries this week, on civil disobedience and 'Why Cindy Sheehan matters', on the importance of journalism (the coverage of the beating of Ronald Davis in New Orleans) and the importance of independent writers (Man of peace: Harold Pinter), and free speech ('Showdown at Chuck E. Cheese' and 'The fight for free speech at Union Square') For those of you protesting the tactics used by military recruiters ... they've got a new one! ('No lie left untried') ... and another book review of Claire Wolfe's latest ('Smashing the job culture').

And, a great new action site for privacy advocates, the Missing Amendment !

Til next week

For Freedom

Mary lou

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