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Sunday, October 02, 2005

LAND: The week in review Sept.25-Oct.1

In good news this week ... the St. Pat's Four are aquitted of conspiracy charges, some states 'reject expanded eminent domain practices', and, ' Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600', while 'anti-war fervor' fills the streets in DC as hundreds of thousdands including new 'converts to activism' turn out ... the anti-war movement's 'Big week in Washington' continues, with arrests of Sheehan and cohorts for a 'sit down' protest outside the White House and members of the War Resisters League arrested at a sit down protest outside the Pentagon on Monday ... with little or no press coverage, of course, as the establishment media continues to follow the dictates of its masters ... as usual ... I always get a good laugh out of those naifs who think the media is 'controlled' by the 'left' ... when it's obvious that the media is simply a tool of the state, and whichever boot of the BOYN Party controls the state at any given moment also controls the media ...
For those nay-sayers who insist that 'Sheehan's not going about her protest the 'right way.' They say she is hurting troop morale. They say that she is unpatriotic. A traitor, even. ' ... note that 'handling protests the 'right way' gets Tillmans nowhere' ...

In culture news this week, I've included several reviews of 'Serenity' ... which opened across America this week ... those of us who were 'Firefly' fans are hoping this may be the 'breakthrough' to the general public we've been hoping for, in the torturously slow
and difficult process of changing the culture to one that values freedom and responsibility (a process that MUST happen, or else when leviathan collapases (as many think will happen soon) ... what will take its place will be worse than we can even imagine. Haven't seen it yet myself, but reviews are looking good! (And yes, I know that it's unlikely any one movie or book can be a 'silver bullet' ... but the time is right, the public is already shofting slightly to anti-state thinking, due to the Katrina-Rita disaster as well as the anti-war movement ... and there's even a new think tank on the meme of 'Secession from the empire' ... carpe diem, you all!

What can WE do? Same as always, continue supporting the non mainstream media, continue spreading the word in cyber and meatspace ... I usually print up a few of the best commentaries each week and pass them around to my 'non connected' friends, or leave them in public places (doctors office waiting rooms are a good distribution point, BTW ... theres usually little to read except old copies of People, and, the staff rarely, if ever, bothers to do anything beyond straightening up the tables)

Til next week!

For freedom

Mary Lou

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