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Sunday, April 23, 2006

LAND: The week in review April 16-22
Liberty Action News Digest

Immigrant protests continue in the news this week, as well as chilling stories of lockdowns at schools in California (to prevent students from joining protests and walkouts) which forced elementary school students to use buckets for toilets, as bathrooms were 'off limits'. (Anyone STILL think our publik schools aren't prisons?) Immigrant activists back down on plans for a nationwide boycott on MayDay, fearing some could lose jobs. Protestors greeting Chinese dictator Hu on his visit to Dictator Bush are kept well away from both dictators, with the exception of one brave woman who managed to slip into the well guarded meeting and 'tell it like it is', until she was forcibly removed by security guards. In other police state news, commissioners in Florida want to charge protestors feees for exercising their free speech rights; while in Nepal, police simply shoot at demonstrators. And wait til you get a look at the houses deemed 'habitable' by FEMA ...

Commentaries this week on 'Coming Home' (Cindy Sheehan), the anti-war movement's 'growing pains', the upcoming war in Iran, the 'military revolt' (US generals denouncing Rumsfield), a new film about The White Rose (Sophie Scholl: The final days) , 'Muslim charities in the crosshairs', the annual 'Pullitzer farce', eulogies for Rev. William Sloane Coffin and much more!

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Mary Lou

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