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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nietzsche, New Orleans, and 'Nam

Source: Unknown News
Author: Herb Ruhs

"Granted the horror of New Orleans is grand even by battlefield standards, but something like this is happening in the world, somewhere, nearly all the time. For much of the world it is relatively normal. What is unusual is that these are Americans, and many of us identify with them very strongly, and the fear touches our hearts, and we hurt deeply, for a change. If my apocalyptic vision turns out, unfortunately, to be premonitory, then there will be more New Orleans, coming soon, to a town near you. Get a leg up on your survival skills, grow a thick skin. Besides, it is hard to be compassionate and helpful when you are disabled by horror." (09/13/05)


It's an ill wind

Source: CounterPunch
Author: Ben Tripp

"A tiny group of particularly horrible individuals run the entire nation to suit themselves. Moneymen at the top, followed by celebrities and the Church or church; then you have your executive class, people that carry out the wishes of the upper class; then talk show hosts, creative types, and scientists and academics, living just a little better than the next folks by making the executive classes' orders seem more palatable to the working class, at the bottom of which are the rednecks, followed by immigrants, people with ethnic identities, and finally Mexicans and Wal-Mart employees, and then me. Race and Class aren't enough for such a ruddy-cheeked infant as the USA. We can do more. And we have, and in the 21st Century we will. The Master of Disaster, George W. Bush, has ensured that America will be an authoritarian nation as the weary century creeps by. More laws, more enforcement, more cracking down. More intolerance. More surveillance. More secret files on more citizens for more and more tenuous reasons; restrictions on travel and civil rights and freedom, that hoary canard. The government is going to get bigger and bigger on the insidious end of things: more warmaking power, more control-grasping mechanisms. But for the average Joe, Jane, and Undecided, the government will become a remote and inscrutable force, like the Evil Empire in George Lucas's epic sci-fi cycle 'Bedtime for Bonzo'. " (09/13/05)


Crisis is the health of the state

Source: Strike the Root
Author: George F. Smith

"The attitude of turning our worries over to government prevailed, and now, as bodies are collected, we witness federal officials playing their hand, giving us spinning press conferences, bureaucratic stonewalling, a growing military occupation, and a craven Congress writing fat checks without cutting spending, starting with a $50 billion appropriation to FEMA for what President Bush considers the 'heck of a job' it’s doing." (09/13/05)


Respecting authority

Source: Strike the Root
Author: Richard Rieben

"I have written elsewhere that the meme that runs the show is authority worship – in any manifestation – but the 2,000-year-old lie that fuels the meme is that freedom is a subset of submission to authority, that we are free only within the context of the clan, upon the strength (security) of the clan, by virtue of the clan, and, therefore, through subordination to the clan (from which all blessings flow). .... The authority meme is across-the-board. It can never achieve or even simulate anything that is can only lead to misery, suffering, poverty, war, brutality, and slavery..... It is, at every minor occurrence, a complete capitulation to hell." (09/13/05)


Blowing away the illusion

Source: Strike the Root
Author: David MacGregor
Posted on 09.13.05 by Mary Lou Seymour Edit This

"When it comes to private companies, we expect accountability. And if we don't get it, we demand it. But when it comes to the state, it seems we are under a strange hypnotic spell, which blinds us to its colossal failures - in every realm. Where is the accountability? Where is the outrage? Where is the demand for heads to roll?" (09/13/05)




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