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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Camp Casey goes to Washington
Source: Salon

"On Wednesday, Sheehan decamps from Crawford and heads to Austin. She will hold a rally at City Hall to kick off her bus tour that will end in Washington at a major antiwar demonstration planned for Sept. 24. Since she first camped out alone on the side of the road on Aug. 6 at what became known as Camp Casey I, thousands of Americans have also made the pilgrimage to the town and countryside near the president's vacation getaway to show their support. And millions have witnessed her crusade via the media." [subscription or ad view required] (08/31/05)


Why one libertarian doesn't support Cindy Sheehan

Source: The Price of Liberty
Author: Nathan A. Barton
Posted on 08.30.05 by Steve Trinward

"'The Enemy of My Enemy is My Ally.' This has been an axiom of war and politics for millennia, but it does not always hold true. In fact, it often is proven false -- we can see numerous examples in the world today, and in recent history: Democrats are (considered, at least) enemies of the GOP which is now in power almost across the board in the FedGov, but that hardly makes them allies of libertarians. Both cops and homeowners are enemies of home-invaders and rapists, but that hardly makes them allies, much less friends, in many communities across the Union. Another axiom is 'don't do the right thing for the wrong reason.' Else, your actions will backfire on you. If you oppose something for the wrong reasons, it may be good that you oppose it, but the thing can still go ahead if the relatively minor objection you had is corrected. We see that today in states fighting the Real ID Act on the grounds that it is an unfunded mandate, instead of the idea that it is anathema to liberty to do so. These are two of the reasons that every time I hear Mrs. Cindy Sheehan, or hear about her, my stomach roils." (08/30/05)

Response to “Why one libertarian doesn't support Cindy Sheehan”
Mary Lou Seymour Says:
August 30th, 2005 at 8:45 pm

In your article, you castigate Sheehan for not opposing the war on "moral grounds" but instead opposing it because "Bush lied" and her son died. It takes most folks raised in a militaristic society such as ours a long time to reach a firm moral conviction that war (and statism) are inherently evil; most start, as Sheehan has, with a realization that our "leaders" are either stupid or evil. Some never progress beyond that point ... but at least its a start. You state you are appalled at Sheehan's "dishonoring" her son and seem to believe he supported the war in Iraq ... all that I have read indicates that he joined the conflict like many young men do ... because he wanted to "be with his buddy who had enlisted". You state that Sheehan's protest hasn't been "effective" ... but perhaps you dislike Sheehan because she has been very effective, in mobilizing the anti-war movement, castigating the politicians of ALL stripes who have led us into this sorry mess ... from the perspective of someone who lives in a very pro-war state (SC), I've observed exactly the opposite reaction (from regular folks, not politicians and pundits) from the one you state ... formerly pro-war (or at least Bush and gov't supporters)are rethinking their position, as the human face of war is revealed to them by this mourning mother ... I think you're wrong here, Nathan, but maybe folks in South Dakota are even more pro-war and pro-Bush than folks in South Carolina (though that seems hard to imagine) and thus you're seeing a different reaction ... or perhaps you don't mingle with regular folks much? As a "wake up call" Sheehan has been a blessing for all of us who labor to "educate, agitate, organize". Yes, there are some negatives (the Sharptons of the world trying to horn in) but at least, at last, the dialogue has begun. I'm sorry you don't seem to "get it", Nathan, but this is an important turning point, and we freedom lovers need to be in the midst of the action, not carping from the sidelines.
Peace, and love
Mary Lou


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