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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Lost Liberty Hotel: Liberty controls the high ground
The Libertarian Enterprise
by Alan R. Weiss

"Logan Darrow Clements, a participant in the Free State Project and CEO of Freestar Media, is shining a laser-light on eminant domain, the nature of the so-called guardians of our rights (the Supreme Court). In doing so, he has courted the wrath of libertarians.
Some would say, "see here, Mr. Clements—eminant domain is patently un-libertarian, an outrage against the very concept of private property. How, as an objectivist, could you possibly support taking Judge David Souter's property in Weare, New Hampshire (the Free State)?" Others say, "yes, by all means, if this is the way the Supremes want to play, lets play ball. Lets have the good citizens of Weare condemn his property and have a private indivual construct The Lost Liberty Hotel. Perhaps then we shall show these fools how they have been wrong." Both are right: by controlling the dialectic, we who value liberty control the plane of discussion and highlight the utter outrageousness of this violation of our English common law heritage (nevermind that England apparently has no use for its own common law heritage). We control the high ground." (08/21/05)


Violent Echoes of Kent State
by Karen Kilroy

"Whether or not you are old enough to remember the tragedy at Kent State , please pay attention to this history. As we head into the age of aggressive protests, the police response is becoming more violent, such as in Saturday's actions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Salt Lake City, Utah. In Pittsburgh, protestors marched the wrong way up a one way street to close down an army recruiting office. Police used both tear gas and tasers to subdue the protestors, and one 68-year-old woman was even bitten by a police dog she was also arrested. In Salt Lake City, a crowd of 1,500 was tear gassed from helicopters.This is a war against war. This is a war to end all wars as the saying goes. We are on the side that is not armed." (08/23/05)


Counter-recruitment demonstrators shot with tasers, bitten by dogs

"Today in Oakland in front of the Army Recruiting Center on Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh Police and University of Pittsburgh Police fought with protestors on the sidewalk. At least six people were arrested; police fired tasers and other weapons at the crowd, including restrained arrestees and bystanders. Several people have confirmed that they were hit with tasers and chemical weapons. Video cameras captured tasers being fired at people who had already been subdued and restrained by police officers.Later, police dogs were used to chase away protestors on the sidewalk, and one woman was bitten from behind by a police dog." (08/21/05)

Utah: Protesters make appeal to patriotism in opposing war
Salt Lake Tribune

"A confrontation in front of the Salt Palace Convention Center Monday between pro-Bush veterans and war protesters started out with jeers and competing chants, only to end with both groups singing "God Bless America." The incident, in the conservative bastion of Utah, supported activists' claim that a new and stronger anti-Iraq war movement has begun. This peace movement has made patriotism, flag-waving and support for the troops part of its rhetoric. .... Activists were overjoyed at the turnout in Pioneer Park, around the convention center and along the president's motorcade route. It was the largest Utah demonstration against the war since an estimated 2,500 gathered at the Capitol before the Iraq invasion." (08/23/05)



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