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Friday, August 26, 2005

Urgent Action Needed on Patriot Act

"Though we cannot say more because of an FBI gag order, the ACLU recently disclosed the existence of a sealed suit on behalf of a member of the American Library Association challenging the constitutionality of “national security letter” authority, which was expanded by the Patriot Act. Our client, which maintains records about books borrowed by library patrons and about their Internet usage, was ordered to produce records without any judicial review. If you think secret searches and the powers of the Patriot Act are too overreaching, take action today! Our client wants to tell the American public about the dangers of allowing the FBI to demand library records without court approval.
But the Patriot Act is gagging them from participating in the crucial public debate about the Patriot Act. If our client could speak, he could explain why Congress needs to reform the Patriot Act to protect our privacy and civil liberties. We've gone to Court to get the gag lifted before Congress votes. Right now we need you to tell Congress what our client can't tell them." (08/26/05)


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