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Monday, August 29, 2005

More pro-war hyprocrisy
Strike the Root
by Lee Shelton

"Over the last four years, the message sent by neoconservatives to the rest of the nation has been clear: Get behind the Bush administration's "war on terror" or be prepared to face the consequences. But when the grieving mother of a fallen U.S. soldier tops the neoconservative most wanted list of treasonous, terrorist-sympathizing, America-haters,you know something's up. .... And yet the single defining issue that continues to separate the patriotic from the unpatriotic is the so-called "war on terror." I just have one question:
If winning the 'war on terror' means losing our freedom, then what exactly are we fighting for?" (08/29/05)


War liberals and Cindy Sheehan
Common Dreams
Norman Solomon

"Over the weekend, a spectrum of liberal responses to Cindy Sheehan came into sharper focus. The message is often anti-Bush... but not necessarily anti-war. Frank Rich spun out his particular style of triangulation in the New York Times. While deriding President Bush's stay-the-course stance, Rich also felt a need to disparage the most visible advocate for quick withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Putting down Sheehan -- and, by implication, the one-third of the U.S. public that wants all American troops to exit Iraq without delay -- Rich's column on Sunday mocked "her bumper-sticker politics" and "the slick left-wing political operatives who have turned her into a circus." .... While many anti-GOP pundits insist that a fast withdrawal is no way to go, numerous leaders of the Democratic Party are even more eager to triangulate. "Senior Democrats sought to distance themselves Sunday from Sheehan's protest," the Washington Post reports. .... Meanwhile, a more overt pro-war position is explicit from the Washington Post, which seems bent on replicating its blood-soaked history of editorial support for the Vietnam War." (08/29/05)


The new antiwar movement in America
Source: Institute for Liberal Values
Author: Jim Peron

"There is a new antiwar movement bubbling in the United States. George Bush used the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a bait and switch tactic. He used the rightous anger of Americans over the Twin Towers attack and misdirected against Iraq. Contrary to what the White House now claims they repeatedly lead the American public to believe that Iraq would be a cake walk-over in weeks, perhaps days. But the war drags on and on and the deaths pile up. And from this a new antiwar movement is being born. But this movement is far different from the the last major antiwar effort in the United States during the disastrous Vietnam War. Then the movement was one driven by young males. It was inspired by a justifiable desire to save one's life from a needless and senseless death. But this nmew movement is not led by the young and males. It is lead by their mothers and their wives." (08/29/05)



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