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Saturday, August 27, 2005

The week in review (August 20-27)

For yet another week, the Cindy Sheehan 'peaceful siege' dominates activism news ... and now,she's planning an 'anti-war bus tour'! The venomous sputterings and fuming from the war party supporters (on the left AND right) have died down, as it became apparent they actually gave more impetus to the story and made the Busheviks appear even more mean-spirited and clueless. And the establishment left is getting lambasted too ... as Alexander Cockburn puts it "Cindy Sheehan frightens the right and stirs them to venom, and she frightens the Democrats too, because she's so clear. Contrast the timeline of Sheehan as against that of even a relatively decent Democrat like Russ Feingold. Feingold calls for a start to withdrawal from Iraq maybe sixteen months from now. How many dead troops and new Gold Star moms can you fit into that calendar. A thousand or more? Sheehan's Out Now call should be the bright-line test for any antiwar spokesperson." [Can Cindy Sheehan end the war?] Sadly, even the Libertarian Party fails the test ... with its mealy nouthed "withdrawal strategy" ...

In other news, Urgent Action is needed on the Patriot Act, the Lost Liberty Hotel project gathers steam and the Battle escalates over fliers' personal data.

In other good news, the RRND news feed IS up and running again this week (check out the new version of RRND , you'll like it!) ....Unfortunately, the LAND page template is not ready yet (it will be soon, I'm told) ...Meanwhile, keep checking the Liberty Action blog for daily updates. When we can move back over to the Liberty Action News site, I'll post an announcement here.

Til next week

For freedom!

Mary Lou


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