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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The daily compromise
Unknown News
by Helen & Harry Highwater

"So even as we’re forced into these searches and similar daily compromises, there are still things we can do in response. All I would ask is, when a cop rummages through your purse or backpack, don’t forget the frustration. Don't forget that your rights have been snatched, your freedom violated. Savor your anger, remember it, and articulate it later. Talk about it. Tell friends, co-workers, and strangers why such a universal-search policy is wrong. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper. Don't shut up. If you value freedom, speak out for it every way you can, because freedom is what's at stake." (08/03/05)


Where do I live?
Common Dreams
by Cindy Sheehan

"What has happened to America? What has happened to our freedoms? Where did sanity go? Where is the due process that we have always been entitled to? Why do people feel free to castigate the mother of a "war hero" for exercising her freedom of speech and why does our leadership feel free to lie to mothers of "war heroes"? Why aren’t the liars being held to the same standards as the people who are trying to expose them? .... Stories like the above are becoming more and more common in the USA. The un-Patriot Act and the total disregard for the Constitution by nearly everyone who holds an elected or appointed position in our federal government is starting to hit too close to home for many people. When will the rest of America finally come out of its coma? When, God forbid, the jack-booted thugs come pounding on their door some midnight?" (08/03/05)


Do your part to keep the US drug war out of Canada
Cannabis Culture

"Help prevent Marc Emery from being extradited to the US to face a lifetime in prison. Here are five simple, concrete things that anyone can do to make a positive impact on this situation. The first three things can and should be done by anyone in the world who supports this effort. The last two are for Canadians only. Marc Emery has devoted his life to ending the drug war and ensuring that marijuana seeds are available to anyone who wants to grow this wondrous herb. Please follow his lead, become active, and help to end this vicious war." (08/02/05)


FBI flight plans hit turbulence

"An FBI proposal to shoehorn a sweeping and sophisticated internet wiretapping capability into emerging in-flight broadband services would be illegal, unconstitutional and costly to implement, a civil liberties group is arguing. The Washington, D.C. organization, Center for Democracy and Technology, or CDT, says it will file comments Wednesday with the FCC opposing an FBI request to force satellite-based broadband service providers to equip their in-air networks with a rapid-wiretapping capability. It would let government spooks begin sniffing any passenger's internet traffic within 10 minutes of obtaining court authorization." (08/03/05),1848,68407,00.html



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