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Saturday, July 30, 2005

The week in review (July 24-29)

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An important action this week (for those who are still working within the system) ... as you know, the House passed the PATRIOT Act extension, but it still has to get through the Senate. And as EFF points out, the Senate COULD make things even worse. So, contact your Senators and give them a piece of your mind ... tell them to vote against PATRIOT renewal. And be sure to read Rep. Ron Paul's 'Don't expand the police state'.

For those of you who still think that the whole problem is the Federal gov't, take a look at Tom Knapp's 'Because they can, part one' for a chilling story of the police state mentality at the very local level ... and, for those of you who feel 'alone' ... take heart from the brave souls who went to the DC victim disaarment rally and spoke out against gun control. (And enjoy, as I did, the stupidest statement of the week, from a lady who truly doesn't "get it".)

On the property rights front, property rights advocates in NH rally against eminent domain, and, the Heartland institute explains why the 'Kelo decision not good for blacks' (and other low-income folks.) For those interested in privacy and security, Joe Blow has several excellent articles on email and information security.

Two especially poignant articles this week caught my eye ... Alan Weiss' 'What the hell to do now?' and David Anderson's 'When the greatest outrage is the lack of it'.

And my favorite action idea this week, Vox Day's 'Let's get naked!'

Til next week

For freedom!

Mary Lou


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