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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Criminals have more rights than police ...
SWAT Magazine
by Claire Wolfe

"The Founding Fathers, those sterling folk we’ve been taught to revere, were soft on crime. They were a bunch of liberal whiners who considered it more important to protect criminals than to give the police effective tools to fight crime.This is the absolute truth. Why else, when they wrote the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the Constitution), did five of their 10 basic statements of liberty focus on protecting accused crooks? .... In the blind eyes of justice and the highest law of the land, criminal suspects and individual police officers have exactly the same rights, while police agencies
have no rights at all. Yep, if the Founders were around today, they might be card-carrying (although also gun-toting) members of the ACLU.And for that we should all be glad." (08/05) [Editor's note: Don't miss the discussion of this at the SWAT forum
and the thread at the Claire Files.-MLS]

Ohio prosecutor extorting First Amendment
The Empire Journal
June Maxam

" Stop writing and we’ll reduce your charges, an Ohio prosecutor has told an editor, in essence now publicly admitting that the criminal charges lodged against the website writer are direct retaliation for his exercise of First Amendment rights. That’s illegal. Less than two weeks ago, Daniel Kasaris, special prosecutor against two critics of public officials in northern Ohio, stated publicly that the duo’s website which often levels caustic charges against public officials, especially judges, and focuses on alleged governmental wrongdoing, was not a factor in the arrests of the pair. But now he says if the website editor stops writing for the site, he’ll reduce the felony charges he brought against him to a misdemeanor. Sounds like blackmail to us; also seems to establish that he made a false statement." (07/29/05)

Editor's note: This is a long convoluted story, going back to 1999, starting with an attempt to expose public corruption. (chronology). See the Erie Voices blog for updates.


The Janus gambit
The Libertarian Enterprise
by Kent B. Van Cleave

"Where friction between the watchwords of "principle above all" and "political success for a political party" has long been a destructive force within our movement, I think there is a way to end the friction and use this dynamic synergistically. Probably the most important aspect of my proposal is that the counterproductive squabbling between factions can now be metamorphosed into the powerful tool of political theatre. I take it as a good sign that implementing this strategy will clearly conform to the famous advise offered by my close friend, the savvy and indomitable heart of the libertarian movement in Arizona (for more than a decade now), Ernie Hancock: "If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right."" [Editor's note: Apologies for missing this article when it was published ... this should be of interest to both pragmatists and purists -MLS] (07/10/05)

Sexual assault victim could go to prison
Las Vegas Review Journal
by Vin Suprinowicz

"Out of Green Bay, The Associated Press reported Tuesday, "A woman who was upset over being searched bodily at an airport was convicted Tuesday of assaulting a security screener by grabbing the federal officer's breasts." .... The American populace is being conditioned with incredible speed to accept the conditions of a de facto police state with no regard to our privacy or dignity, let alone the solemn guarantees of the Fourth Amendment. About the only criticism of sexual assault victim Dintenfass' actions that I can summon up is that it lacked a certain panache. Next time, dear, try moaning loudly, then breaking into uncontrollable sobs and panting, "Oh yes, baby. This is even better than at home with the baby powder. The whips! The whips!'" [Editor's note: See Woman convicted of reciprocity with TSA thug-MLS](07/31/05)



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