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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Don't let the drug thugs win
US Marijuana Party

"The marijuana reform community is under attack!!! As most of you are well aware by now Marc Emery, Canada's "Prince of Pot" was arrested, jailed and had his home and businesses raided on July 29th, 2005. He and two of his employees now face extradition to the United States to stand trial for shipping marijuana seeds across the border. .... I have worked for Marc Emery via Pot TV and Cannabis Culture Magazine for almost three years now. .... With his arrest and the seizing of his assets I find myself without any income at all.
Don't let the US Government win this battle. Please help a sister out if you can. I find it humiliating to have to ask for money from anyone but faced with the prospect of food stamps from Uncle Sam or swallowing my pride and asking for $5 from my friends I have chosen the latter.' [Editor's note: please read Loretta's complete plea for support which includes links for those unfamilar with her work -MLS] (07/31/05)


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