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Thursday, July 29, 2004

More on Boston protests (or lack thereof ...)

Activists appear to save anger for NYC
Boston Globe
Marcella Bombardieri and Jonathan Saltzman

"To prepare for the protesters expected to swarm Boston during the Democratic National Convention, security planners amassed a force of 5,000 law enforcement officers. The city built a razor-wired protest zone that attracted comparisons to the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. Suffolk County officials cleared enough jail cells and courtrooms to handle 2,500 arrests. Total number of protest-related arrests so far this week: One.
As the convention culminates today, protesters are planning a bike ride, a flashlight peace vigil near the FleetCenter, and unpredictable "decentralized actions" throughout the city. But signs suggest that there simply aren't enough activists here to create the kind of chaos that hit Miami, Seattle, or even the major party conventions in Los Angeles and Philadelphia in 2000. Now the question on the minds of activists, police, and local residents is: Where are the protesters?" (07/29/04)

Police arrest three, restore calm near FleetCenter
Boston Herald

"peaceful protest on Canal Street turned ugly with demonstrators setting a fire and going toe-to-toe with billy club-toting cops in the the first serious violence of the Democratic National Convention. .... The violence broke out when a rally of about 500 people wound through downtown and stopped at the iron gates guarding the DNC delegate entrance outside the Fleet Center on Canal Street. Police allowed the group to gather in the street, rather than forcing them into the protest pen. One group from the Save Our Civil Liberties Campaign tied themselves to a bike rack while another group set a small fire. The fights started after police moved in on a man carrying a backpack allegedly containing a paper mache Molotov cocktail. Pushing, shoving and panic ensued as protesters, cops and bystanders ran amok. Sporadic scuffles broke out, including one that started when a demonstrator took a police officer's hat." (07/29/04)


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