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Saturday, May 01, 2004

A reader writes in
Excellent article, (It's time to stop the draft before it starts)I agreed with you every step of the way. Your
article was full of facts and well reasoned.
Namely, as you quoted one of the anti-draft websites, there IS a
link between a government which forces its citizens (through the draft)
into uniform and that same government taking aggressive action (unjust war)
against other countries.
To say that the government, at ANY time, has any right to force
the people into becoming slave armies is a morally repulsive stand for anyone
to take. There may be those that state that in times of war the government
needs conscription to fill out the ranks. My reply is that a government that the
people feel is worth defending will have no need to do any such thing,
volunteers will be found for such a government.
The one and only purpose of government is the protection of each
individual's life, liberty, and property - nothing more. A draft specifically turns that upside down, and makes the people slaves to be used at the discretion
of those in power.
Without a draft, without the manpower to play kings of the world,
our government will have to think long and hard about invading other
Our Congress has already spit on the rule of law by allowing the
Executive branch to wage war unfettered, without any declaration of war as
required by our Constitution. Now, in addition, the government wishes to
institute conscription, a power which the Federal government is NOT given under our Constitution.
I look forward to your next article. Thank the Lord for the
Internet, the "major media" and cable "news" networks, because they are
under the thumb of the FCC, are nothing but toadies to government power. Freedom of the INTERNET has been a huge boon to the people.

CJ Maloney


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