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Friday, April 30, 2004

LTE about the Hunter (Central OH News Journal)

Ashland has money to burn

Letter to the editor

I applaud the people of Ashland County. While the rest of the country is suffering economically, and local governments are simultaneously seeking new revenues and areas where spending can be cut, Ashland County has a budget surplus, an example to us all.

I assume there is a surplus. Otherwise, why would Ashland County Prosecutor DeSanto be bothering to waste your money on a trial for a man accused of carrying the firearm he was licensed to carry? Ohio was perfectly willing to recognize another license Jeff Jordan possessed. Mr. Jordan wasn't even indicted until after Ohio passed its concealed carry law. (A lawyer once said that he could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich; this seems to bear out his assertion that indictments mean little.) And Ohio's constitution specifically recognizes the right to carry a defensive arm.

Nor does the state claim that Mr. Jordan is a threat to anyone. In fact, he has publicly sworn to never commit an act of aggression against anyone. At worst, Mr. Jordan is accused of a technical paperwork violation that is only a "violation" because the Highway Patrol and Mr. DeSanto refused to give the proper paperwork issued by Mr. Jordan's home state the same "full faith and credit" they gave his driver's license.

Do the people of Ashland County really want Mr. DeSanto to blow their "budget surplus" on the trial of an innocent man?

Do they want to see an innocent man tried in the first place?

Carl Bussjaeger

Nashua, NH


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