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Monday, March 15, 2004

The latest on Hunter ...
from Sunni

Start saving your pennies... Because Hunter is finally making good on his threat to compile his rules into a book!

Things are still coming together on the book, so I can't divulge a
lot of information at the moment. But it's safe to say that anyone
who is a fan of his rules will enjoy having them put together in
illustrated book form. And buying a copy will be a great way for
liberty lovers to exchange value for value, as you'll be helping
Hunter fight the double wringers of the Ohio govgoons and Verizon.

Once a publication date is set, we'll make an announcement on
accepting pre-pub orders. The Liberty Round Table web site will be
updated with news on the project's progress, as well:

Please feel free to post and forward this message to anyone you think
may be interested.



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