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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Mary Lou,

I really enjoyed your piece on stopping the socialist Pledge of
I totally agree with you.

As a child I never liked doing the Pledge (for the reasons you
mentioned, plus broken treaties, etc.). Indeed I cannot remember
saying the Pledge after the 3rd. grade (circa 1954). Well, fast forward
to 1991 and Lincoln, Montana. I had recently become the superintendent
of schools for the small K-12 district, and decided to attend a girls
basketball game in August (MT being one of only four states that does
girls BB in the Fall). I had intended to only observe from the stands
and get to know the local parents.

Without warning, just before the game, the athletic director
announced that the new superintendent (me) would lead everyone
in the Pledge of Allegiance (remember, the circa 1954). Well, as
I gave the Pledge, and the packed stands said it along with me, I
left out the "under God" phrase. This was not intentional; but,
simply the Pledge as I had learned (before "under God" was added).

The audience, school board members, and basketball players
seemed confused. Was the new supt. stupid, trying to make a
political statement, or what? Unfortunately, most there did not
remember the old Pledge; so, the consensus was that I was anti-God.

I wrote a community newsletter explaining why I said the Pledge in
the manner observed. However, the school board chair never forgave
me, as he felt I should have kept current on such an important oath



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