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Monday, September 12, 2005

Twenty three freedoms
The Libertarian Enterprise
L. Neil Smith

"Busheviks speak of freedoms that we Americans seem to enjoy almost uniquely on this otherwise benighted, squalid, and pestilence-ridden planet, freedoms that the rest of the world hates and resents us for so much that they're willing to steal gigantic aircraft from innocent, helpless, and very nearly bankrupt corporations, and smash them willy nilly into the grandest, most conspicuously shining symbols of Yankee mercantilism and the Aristocracy of Pull they can identify, murdering thousands of men, women, and children—and themselves—in the process. Having something of a professional interest in the subject of freedom myself—each and every one of the two dozen books I've written so far is about very little else—I decided recently to find out exactly what freedoms our kindly and benevolent rulers are talking about. Surprisingly, so far, I've come up with twenty-three." (09/12/05)



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