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Monday, September 12, 2005

Bay Area journalist jailed in Haiti
Common Dreams
Leisa Faulkner

"Reporter Kevin Pina opened his family home to me last month in Port au Prince, Haiti when violence closed the orphanage where I usually stay to do human rights work. Tonight, Kevin sleeps in a jail cell like those I visited in Cap Haitian just weeks ago. He has become part of the story he risks his life daily to tell. He was arrested September 9th while covering the ransacking of Father Jean-Juste's church, the humanitarian priest who routinely served 600 hungry and impoverished children the only meal they often got before he became yet another of the hundreds of political prisoners held by the government that came out of the US-sponsored Coup d'√Čtat of February 29, 2004 that overthrew democratically elected President Aristide. .... Our concern is not only for Kevin Pina, Jean Ristil and Father Jean-Juste and the other political prisoners; our concern is also for Merlande, the wife Kevin leaves at home with their infant son. Paulo was born in Haiti while his father paced the floor of the hospital, now his father paces the floor of a prison cell. While we remember those who where killed by terrorists on 9/11, let us not forget those who are victims of political terrorism, especially victims of terrorism that is endorsed by our own government." (09/12/05)


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