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Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Two pieces on the FIJA web site now about  Hunter...

and some REALLY good press!

Gun-toter has 'Liberty' on his side

Group helping man fight concealed weapons law

Mansfield News Journal staff report

A New Hampshire man arrested last week in Ashland County on
weapons charges appears to be gearing up to take on Ohio's concealed weapons law. And he might have plenty of help. A Web site seeking donations to help fund legal costs by attorneys for Jeffrey
L. Jordan, 42, of Lyndeborough, N.H., is under construction. Web sites
and chatrooms are being inundated with pleas for financial help.
On Dec. 29, troopers from the Ashland post of the Ohio Highway Patrol
stopped Jordan on Interstate 71 in Ashland County for speeding. During the traffic stop, troopers seized several weapons. Jordan was
arrested and faces multiple charges, including two counts of carrying a concealed weapon, fourth-degree felonies which could result in jail terms of up to 18 months.A group calling itself the Liberty Round Table has embarked on a mission to help Jordan fight the charges in Ohio." (01/06/04)

And, an update from Sunni (at LRT)

From: "Sunni Maravillosa"

Subject: today's Hunter news update

Date sent: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 20:31:48 -0500

Hi everyone,

Here's the news on Hunter's situation: his lawyer thinks that he will
be able to get his truck and most of his possessions back soon,
possibly as early as tomorrow. Hunter is thinking about being in Ohio
Friday to pick it up. That depends on whether the court will extend
his date to be back in NH.

Those of you in Ohio and interested in helping Hunter convoy across
the state -- so that he can't be targeted by the cops again -- please
start thinking about your plans, possible routes, and contacting
individuals who might be willing to help escort our friend through the
OH uncivilized zone. That may happen as early as Thursday or Friday.

For those of you who may not have seen it yet, the Mansfield News
Journal (out of Ohio) published a nice report on Hunter's support,
focusing on the Liberty Round Table.

No word from the OSP yet on any lab results, test results, search
results, or *anything* regarding their investigation in Hunter and his
property. Hence, we don't know if the prosecutor might be interested
in offering a plea bargain or not.

Hunter continues to be in good spirits, and wishes to communicate his
deep appreciation to everyone who's helped spread the word,
contributed time and/or money to his cause, and offered personal or
moral support for him.

Thanks from us all!



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