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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Updates on War on Civil Liberties

In this week's column The war on civil liberties road show we talked about continuing the pressure on Ashcroft as he toured the US touting the Patriot Act. Well, good news! As a story in the Washington Post Ashcroft taking Fire from GOP stalwarts says, support is waning for the Patriot Act .

And Elaine Cassel, that staunch chronicler of Ashcroft's high crimes and misdemeanors (and ups and downs) says in her Aug.30 column, "Brother John's not making many converts" .... "Some suggest that Bush's handlers sent Ashcroft on the road to test the country's tone toward him and curtailment of civil liberties. If it flops in New Haven (or Idaho), Bush's producers and directors can tweak the show and maybe even replace its star before it opens at the Republican convention next summer. Ashcroft fancies himself a martyr and does not mind the criticism or low poll numbers. Rather, they are proof positive that "for every crucifixion, a resurrection is waiting to follow," in the words he used to assuage himself after his loss to a dead man in the Missouri 2000 senate race."

Yes!!! Keep up the pressure, fellow freedom lovers!

Mary Lou


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