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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Photos of Dan (Feb 03)

Mary Lou,

You don't know me, but I'm Ray Ledford, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee. I have two photos of Dan that I thought you might like to have for yourself and to pass on to others.

They were taken during the State Chairs' Conference in Houston -- these two shots were from the first day, Feb. 22. Dan was speaking on behalf of Neil Smith (the draft campaign, to be more accurate). Standing with

Dan are Michael Badnarik, Gary Nolan, and Judge [first name is ?]Gray. Having watched our last state chair (Richard Pearl) progress from bad to worse with his cancer, I can tell from the updates that Dan's condition
has worsened terribly; I find myself dreading the times I check my email now. These are tough times for anyone who has met Dan, and it was through the State Chairs' conference that I met Dan -- he picked Steve

Trinward and myself up at Hobby and drove us to the conference site. He made an impression on me, and I've often wondered how he was doing since then (loved it when he made editor of TLE).
I've rattled on long enough, but sometime in the near future, we all ought to gather together -- most likely in Atlanta -- and talk about who Dan has been and will always be for anyone who has met him.

Take care.

Pro libertate,


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