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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Update on Dan Weiner (from Marie Angell)
Dear Mary Lou ...You don't know me, but I know of you through Harlan and Marti. I read
your notes about Dan and thought I'd give you my impression of my visit
today with Dan, Harlan and Marti.

I am a casual acquaintance of Dan though the LP and the FSP, and just
met Harlan and Marti. I can't say enough good things about Harlan and
Marti. They are taking wonderful care of Dan. They are so warm and
caring, and such intelligent, articulate women.

Dan looked better than I expected. Although he has lost weight and is
very pale, he is not the skeletal spector than I imagined.
Unfortunately, he is in a very bad way mentally. He was quite
non-reactive or asleep most of the time I was there. He only spoke once,
when Harlan asked if he wanted a sip of cola and he said, "Okay," as
clear as bell. I think he has some idea of what is going on around him,
but probably only in a very dreamlike way. He looked around at us, but
he didn't react to anything. He coughed a little, but not nearly as much
as I expected. His breathing was not labored. He did not moan or give
any indication that he was in pain.

Harlan and Marti are obviously taking very good care of Dan. He is
shaved, dressed and clean. He can cooperate a little in his care, but
only in a basic, even infantile way.

I hope that we here in Houston can help Harlan and Marti out without
getting in the way. They seem to have the hospice care set up and the
guardianship in order, thank goodness.

I promised Harlan and Marti that I would help keep people in informed
about Dan, so if you would like to pass this information on, please do.


Marie Angell


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