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Monday, August 15, 2005

Cindy's victory
by William Rivers Pitt

"Cindy Sheehan and her ever-growing band of supporters intend to stay in those ditches outside Bush's Crawford "ranch" until he comes out to talk or until August 31st, whichever comes first. If he does not come out by the end of the month, she intends to follow him to Washington and camp out in front of the White House. She and the others have been there for more than a week now, garnering more and more attention from the national and international press. Yes, they are tired. Yes, they are uncomfortable. Yes, they have already won. .... All the protests, all the articles, all the books, all the whistleblowers, all the criticism combined have not packed the kind of punch that one mother in a ditch has delivered to this administration's carefully crafted fantasy vision of what is happening in Iraq. Suddenly, Bush has been forced to go before cameras and try to explain why staying in Iraq is the only option available. Suddenly, the accepted wisdom isn't so accepted anymore. A majority of Americans, according to every available poll, agree with the lady in the ditch and not with the president." (08/15/05)


Pilgrims of protest in Crawford
by Greg Moses

"As for why she's standing here in Texas, 1163 miles from home, she says of herself and spouse Mike, who should be shuttled here any minute from the stadium parking lot: "We have no idea what we're doing. We've never done anything like this before. But it's time we became teenagers!" "There's a lot we have on our side," says Penny thinking about the movement that she has come to join. "There are a lot of angels here. Every one of those soldiers killed is an angel on our side. I'm working for the Apocalypse. Either take them or take me, but don't leave us together anymore!" she grins." (08/15/05)


Shunning the REAL ID enablers
Free Cannon
by Garry Reed

"Will refusing to purchase HP or use Explorer make any difference? Gunners groups snubbed Smith & Wesson when they caved to Clintonista demands that BigGov Bureaubullies boss their business. They survived, according to an LA Times tale, only because "After a change of ownership, Smith & Wesson cooled on the agreement, and President Bush allowed the company to back out of it." So maybe if all libertarians refused to hang with HP or go site-seeing with Explorer, we'll read a story someday about how "HP and MS cooled on the Real ID agreement, and President Hillary (or is that Condoleezza?) allowed the companies to back out of it.'" (08/15/05)


The Invisible Pirate - Big Brother on Steroids
Strike the Root
by Joe Blow

"The State, in its never-ending zeal to save us from ourselves, just opened a Pandora's box of personal information abuse, unauthorized disclosure, and malfeasance by those entrusted to keep your personal information private. Rest assured that when these inevitable events occur, the State will attempt to 'fix' this law with yet another one, just like always." (08/15/05)


Reclaiming Garrison
Boston Globe
by Philip Mangano

"The time is right to restore the legacy of an authentic American hero. Bostonian by choice, a moral agitator by calling, William Lloyd Garrison was indeed, as his most recent biographer Henry Mayer described him, 'all on fire.' Born 200 years ago in 1805, Garrison's relentless expose of slavery helped win the freedom of three million Americans. On the Commonwealth Mall in Back Bay, a statue commemorates Garrison. Seated, his face bears the look of a man ready for action. His defiant famous quote is there with him: 'I am in earnest. I will not equivocate. I will not excuse. I will not retreat a single inch and I will be heard.' That statement was part of an apology by Garrison to his 'three million brothers and sisters' who were then in slavery in the United States." (08/14/05)


The war against Cindy
by Butler Shaffer

"Because the state depends, for its existence, upon the enforcement of collectivized thinking, Cindy Sheehan -- along with her message -- must be marginalized. Lies must be metabolized by the body politic; the immune system must remain on the alert for viruses of truth and understanding that might infect individual minds and enervate the collective organism. Such responses remind me of the apocryphal description of lobsters in a pot of water who, upon seeing a fellow crustacean trying to escape, pull him back with the others." (08/15/05)


Fat unfit and fifty: A different bug-out scenario
Backwoods Home
by Claire Wolfe

"Yep, I've been wondering what happens to old farts, too -- especially when a pack of 30-somethings had to abort their bug-out test and retreat to warm safety after less than one night. Or what happens to sick farts of any age who need special meds or care? What kind of short-term emergency preparations should they make? So, over a plate of ketchup-laden homefries, scrambled eggs, waffles, syrup, bacon, and grease, I asked around." (08/15/05)


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